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About Us In today's challenging times, procurement and logistics professionals are doing more with less resources. At the same time, companies are expected to cut costs out of their supply chain and improve service to their customers. Does this sound familiar? Global Reach Logistics understands your challenges!

Our Leadership Team has extensive experience in every aspect of managing supply chains in the U.S. and around the world. Our unique approach as a non-asset based global logistics company is complemented by our extensive domestic and international network. Our process begins with a clear understanding of our customer's culture, challenges, objectives and goals in their specific vertical market(s). Based on our client's criteria, we develop a "map" for success that provides flexibility, visibility, and accountability while reducing cost. This includes:

• Financial benefits
• Order cycle improvement
• Improved information technology
• Local expertise in new markets
• More scalable logistics operation and cost model
• Continuous improvement
• Benchmarking across the supply chain to reduce cost
• Accountability
• Government regulations--domestic and international
• Security
• Risk Reduction

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