Import/Export/Ocean (FCL and LCL)/Air (Cargo and Small Package)


Global Reach Logistics' international network provides accurate, single-source coordination for any international shipment.  Our non-asset based business model allows us to tailor solutions to consistently meet and exceed our customers' requirements and expectations.

Shipping in today's international marketplace has its challenges due to constantly changing rules, regulations, paperwork, and tariffs, to name just a few.  Global Reach Logistics provides port to port, door to door, or any combination you require for import, export, ocean, or air.  Our experienced extensive network provides a multi-modal menu and consumer centric platforms at cost competitive pricing.

Services offered by Global Reach Logistics:
  • Export (all modes)
  • Import (all modes)
  • PO Management (origin and destination)
  • Vendor Management
  • Custom Brokerage and Compliance Coaching
  • Custom Clearage and Processing
  • Marine and All-Risk Insurance
  • Trans-Loading, DC-Bypass, Speed-to-Market, Total Visibility
  • POE End-User Fulfillment
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