Parcel Auditing

Small Parcel Auditing

In the highly competitive B2B and B2C environments, ecommerce, fulfillment and omnichannel logistics require companies to pay close attention to costs.

As your parcel analytics partner, Global Reach Logistics has the insight and expertise to deliver parcel Audit and Intelligence solutions driven by data science and extensive industry experience. These comprehensive, proactive parcel program solutions maximize savings and give you actionable intelligence.

Parcel Auditing

Up to 5% of all packages you ship are eligible for refunds because of carrier errors — late deliveries, invalid fees or surcharges, and other billing mistakes. Global Reach Logistics acts as your audit partner, analyzing your invoices and securing every cent you’re owed from UPS and FedEx. The refunds land automatically in your bank account. We simply bill a percentage of the refunds our technology finds, with zero out-of-pocket expense for you.

Business Intelligence Dashboard with Built-in Optimization Advisor

Find an additional 5%–7%+ in hard- and soft-dollar savings via our business intelligence dashboard. The Dashboard with Built-in Optimization Advisor enables you to leverage technology for reporting and forecasting purposes. It finds the inefficiencies in your parcel shipping operation and the ways to eliminate them — so you can then take action that will substantially lower your shipping costs.

Audit + Dashboard

Cost-Saving Insights

Find ways you are wasting money in your shipping operation. Get actionable information to reduce your logistics costs starting today. Getting ahead of extra costs like address corrections, dormant account charges, damaged packages, and premium services usage can add up to thousands of dollars back in your business.

Automate & Optimize

Automated systems identify narrow segments of opportunity for optimization, determine what drives value for each segment, and match that with historical transactional data. Use this data to set defined behavior to optimize operations.

Analyze & Report
Analyze trends to streamline operations and enhance adoption of best practices by building confidence through quantitative KPIs. Easily turn your data into actionable reports that ID cost drivers and highlight savings opportunities.

Empower & Execute

Build internal confidence and communication to empower everyone within your organization to do their job more effectively. Make fast decisions to capitalize on competitive opportunities.

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