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Small Parcel Negotiations

In the highly competitive B2B and B2C environments, ecommerce, fulfillment, and omnichannel logistics require companies to pay close attention to costs.

Globallobal Reach Logistics consults with high-volume shippers (over $200,000 annual spend) to reduce their rates with UPS and FedEx. On average, our clients save nearly 20%. Importantly, if you work with us, nothing regarding how you currently ship will change. You will simply pay less for the same services. We have developed proprietary software that analyzes your rates and determines where there is room for improvement.

If there are savings available, we collaborate with you to achieve those savings through an optimized carrier agreement, leveraging our rare expertise on your behalf. And there’s no risk to you. We have such great confidence in our expertise and technology that we don’t charge you. We only get paid if we save you money.

Throughout the negotiation, which typically requires an average of four hours from a single stakeholder during the 6-week negotiation period, your company remains in control of all decisions. We coach and counsel while staying completely behind the scenes, and your agreements remain between you and the carriers.

The process leaves your team thoroughly educated, your carrier relationship strengthened, and your rates highly competitive and optimized for your specific requirements.

Guaranteed Savings

With our specialist team in your corner, you can expect a 15%–25% cost reduction from renegotiating your FedEx or UPS agreement. We give you a savings estimate in writing and guarantee it to 1/10 of 1%.

Talented Team

Our negotiation team is made up of former UPS and FedEx pricing analysts and sales directors with over 700 years’ collective experience. We know what the market rates are, and we understand how the carriers make pricing decisions.

Keep Your Carrier

Your relationship with your carrier is valuable. That’s why our former FedEx and UPS pricing and analytics experts coach you behind the scenes. We customize a savings blueprint from your current agreement, so you keep rolling with your preferred carrier.

Simple, Fast, Easy

Lower your rates in just four hours! That’s your time commitment over the 6-week negotiation. We do the rest. Once the new agreement is in effect, you get an ongoing weekly report card showing where every penny of savings comes from to hold us accountable.

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